Words of Encouragement

I’ve got a folder in my office of compliments that I’ve received over the years here at work.  Is it okay to admit this?  I … Read More

Good out of Bad

In the movie, Little Miss Sunshine, Frank is speaking to his nephew who is in the throes of teenage angst. Dwayne:     I wish I could … Read More

Modern-Day Plague

Picture with me, if you will, a church. At the altar, amidst a group of well-dressed young people stands the groom, impatient with anticipation. But … Read More

Staying on Track

My husband retired a short while ago. With less household income and more time on his hands, we wanted to make sure we didn’t keep … Read More

Advice Taken

Counseling is a mandatory part of the insolvency process for the majority of personal insolvency debtors. The sessions are designed to provide financial tracking/management skills, … Read More

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Do you have a friend, partner, associate or acquaintance who is feeling the financial woes or struggling financially?  Trying to make ends meet, unable to … Read More

Advertisements: Buyer Beware

Relaxing in front of the television, perusing social media, or walking around town, we’re bombarded with ads telling us what we need and why.  Ads … Read More

Home ownership – not necessarily for everyone

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (“LIT”) in Winnipeg, I have recently seen an increase in the number of people I meet earning insufficient income to … Read More

The Pendulum Swings

Many, many years ago, when someone went bankrupt, there was no standard requiring the individual to contribute to their bankruptcy from their income.  Then when … Read More